From Rock Bottom to Europe

That day my entire life changed. I had been living basketball every day of my life up to that moment.

As I look back on this picture and realize how great of an opportunity this was, I can’t help but think that less than two years or so prior to me being in Europe and playing against the World Famous Harlem Globe Trotters I was at rock bottom. Sitting the bench my senior year of College on a team that I felt I should have played every second of every game. Showing up to practice early, staying late, and pushing myself through never ending shooting drills with friends that supported me no matter what. At the time a lot of the effort and hard work seemed pointless but I never once considered giving up. Until that day I asked my Coach “What do I need to do to play”?

That day my entire life changed. I had been living basketball every day of my life up to that moment. After leaving my Coaches office that day I had no idea what I was going to do. Hours of tears and thoughts of never accomplishing goals I had been working towards since I was 5 years old were consuming me. As I laid on the couch in my mother’s apartment flooding the room with tears and failure, I began to doubt myself and think that I was never good enough.

My mom came into the house that night after work and hugged me and asked me why are you crying? I told her my dreams of playing basketball in college and at the pro level were over and I have no idea what I am going to do with my life, let alone tomorrow. Her response was a laugh and then she said “You have been playing basketball everyday of your life and just because one coach doesn’t see your potential you’re ready to give up” I cut her off and said “mom without having good stats in college especially at the D3 level there is no way a professional team will even give me a look”. I felt like my life was over and depression was upon me.

God spoke through my mom that day and he made her tell me exactly what I was going to do. She said “you will see the world through this sport you love “. He also put great friends in my life that would forever have a positive influence on me. God took me from my lowest point in life to traveling the world and being paid to play the game I fell in love with. He opened so many doors, and continues today to guide me in all that I do. Stay encouraged and know that God has a plan for you and it might not be exactly what your plan is but it’s perfect.

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