SportsFaith is the destination for Christian sports content, connection and competition. Watch, read and listen, then train, play and win.


Take your plays from the Ultimate Playbook — God’s
Word — as you turn your faith into action and help others do the same.


As a platform that elevates Christ through sports, we both create and curate content, equipping
and mobilizing people to get on mission in every arena of life.


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The SportsFaith Team

Angel Szalonek – President at SportsFaith

SportsFaith is an online interactive magazine that brings lives together for the Kingdom of God. We honor values that go beyond the court, the mat and the field. 


We know sports are challenging as life itself and we want to help grow individuals inside as well as out. Check out our Sports Play of the Day from the Ultimate Playbook, the Bible. 


Whether you are an athlete, a fan, a coach, or an arm chair quarterback we want to give you opportunities to discover great stories, events and outlets to help you find out that life is more than just a spectator sport! 


Welcome to SportsFaith ~ Connecting Sports and Faith! 

Craig Bohn- The Voice of the SportsFaith Podcast


Sportsfaith Podcast Host.

Basketball Game of the Week.

Fundraising Consultant with  United Fundraising.

Eva Hatzenbihler- Writer and Managing Editor at SportsFaith


Direct response content marketing copywriter. Persuade clients to action. B2B, PropTech, CRE and Residential Real Estate. Help small businesses, real estate investors, agents, and mortgage companies sell through story.


I write all things real estate, mortgage, small business related and to Glorify God through words. 

Kathy Hansen-Director of Sales and Marketing at SportsFaith

Sebastian Torres- SportsFaith Intern with Judson University


Currently in my Senior year at Judson University studying Sports management with a minor in business.



I have worked 3 seasons with the Chicago Cubs as a Guest Services Ambassador.



I am a hard worker and someone who strives to be more like Jesus everyday.



The end goal is to be Sports Chaplain or something Community outreach related. 


Matt Kowalczyk- SportsFaith Founder and Member of the Board of Directors


As the owner of Cornerstone Benefits Consulting, LLC. and Cornerstone Wealth Consulting, LLC.; We enjoy helping people not be a slave to the lender, not worship the wrong god in retirement and build/leave a legacy bigger than themselves.


By reducing many eroding factors (taxes, debt and wasted fees) many of our clients can create opportunities by giving less to places they don’t want too.


Our goal is to partner up with people and educate. Our clients simply choose to engage and employ the process. Together we strive for certainty, clarity and purpose. Welcome to YourCornerstone!


“There’s no better time to re-launch SportsFaith than 2020. The sports landscape has changed dramatically, and people’s faith has been tested deeply. Sports lovers, let’s navigate this new normal together — with a fresh perspective.”

What to expect from SportsFaith?

Aren’t there are other Christian sports ministries?

Of course, and they’re awesome.

We’re not competing against them.   We’re joining with them.   We operate out of an abundance principle: If there are more sports lovers out there who still need Jesus, the harvest is plentiful, and we’ll keep laboring (Luke 10:2), by providing.




The Future For SportsFaith

God has put a big vision on our hearts. While SportsFaith has been around since 2002, we’re re-launching in 2020 with a greater urgency to

With your support, we’ll be able to:

What Netflix did for movies, we want to do for Christian sports content: Showcase the best that’s already out there, while adding game-changing originals.

The unity of Christ is even stronger than sports team allegiance. What if we could leverage both to transform the sports industry?

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Let’s discipline them to achieve excellence in athletics and in the arena of life. 

It’s all about the Great Commission and reaching people with the love of Jesus. For the sports fanatics who would never step foot in a church building, we can be the church for them, where they’re at.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How can I get involved with SportsFaith?

A: There are three primary ways:
1) Use our content, connection and competition resources to get moving (physically and spiritually) and grow deeper in relationship with God and others.
2) Contact us about contributing content if God has given you a calling and/or talent to minister through the lens of sports.
3) Give financially to advance the mission.

Q: Why should I give to SportsFaith?

A: SportsFaith is uniquely equipped to reach sports-lovers with the love of Christ through content, connection and competition, and every dollar goes to advance that mission. Sports offers a bridge to connect billions of people with the Gospel who may never step foot in a church, and our platform can make that connection by being the hands and feet of Jesus where they are. Your investment allows us to seek God’s will for adding staff, creating more and higher-quality content, and scaling up our resources and impact. Will you pray about what God would have you give to either our business operations or charitable efforts?

Q: What makes SportsFaith different?

A: There are many wonderful sports ministries out there, and we’re not competing against them. As a platform and hub, we’re trying to amplify their efforts and add even more momentum to the cause of Christ through more original content, connection and competition. Other ministries serve more specific niches. We seek to bring them under one umbrella, more like Amazon than an individual retailer.

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SportsFaith is a Christ centered ministry that is focused on introducing people to God through sports. Our prayer is that God uses us to build a better team for Him. He has already provided the playbook (Bible), SportsFaith simply uses articles, interviews, video, audio, and impact events to share His message and make an impact that is positive and God honoring. Visit often, share our mission and help us make sure God is always calling the plays!

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