Practice Your Faith

In our lives, we often go through really tough seasons, and sometimes we forget where to turn to for help.


The Lord gives us that help, and we can turn to him. He gave us this amazing gift of prayer.


God hears our prayers, and it is one of the greatest gifts we could have been given.


If you have a need that needs to be brought before the Lord, please do not hesitate to click on our request prayer button.


Fill out your prayer request and once it is sent our team will begin lifting you up in prayer.

SportsFaith Prayer Bulletin Board

If you'd like to lift your prayers up for others to see, we will add them to the Prayer Bulletin Board. Please fill out the request prayer form and type open prayer in the box after your request. We will place it on the bulletin board to encourage and inspire others to pray. Thank you!

Father God, please heal the fear that’s running rampant  in our world today. Remind the world that you have conquered fear and that through you there is only Peace, Kindness, Goodness, and Love. Amen

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How can I get involved with SportsFaith?

A: There are three primary ways:
1) Use our content, connection and competition resources to get moving (physically and spiritually) and grow deeper in relationship with God and others.
2) Contact us about contributing content if God has given you a calling and/or talent to minister through the lens of sports.
3) Give financially to advance the mission.

Q: Why should I give to SportsFaith?

A: SportsFaith is uniquely equipped to reach sports-lovers with the love of Christ through content, connection and competition, and every dollar goes to advance that mission. Sports offers a bridge to connect billions of people with the Gospel who may never step foot in a church, and our platform can make that connection by being the hands and feet of Jesus where they are. Your investment allows us to seek God’s will for adding staff, creating more and higher-quality content, and scaling up our resources and impact. Will you pray about what God would have you give to either our business operations or charitable efforts?

Q: What makes SportsFaith different?

A: There are many wonderful sports ministries out there, and we’re not competing against them. As a platform and hub, we’re trying to amplify their efforts and add even more momentum to the cause of Christ through more original content, connection and competition. Other ministries serve more specific niches. We seek to bring them under one umbrella, more like Amazon than an individual retailer.

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SportsFaith is a Christ centered ministry that is focused on introducing people to God through sports. Our prayer is that God uses us to build a better team for Him. He has already provided the playbook (Bible), SportsFaith simply uses articles, interviews, video, audio, and impact events to share His message and make an impact that is positive and God honoring. Visit often, share our mission and help us make sure God is always calling the plays!

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