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Finishing Strong

In the midst of the coronavirus, I’ve found myself watching a lot more NASCAR than
Sports crowd cheering

How Important are Sports?

If you’re anything like me, you mark the four seasons by sports seasons rather than

The Gridiron, Part Two: The Gunslinger

Part One: Father, Son, and Game >> You’ve been the quarterback as far back as

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Morbi nec metus. Quisque libero metus, condimentum nec, tempor ollis, magna.

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The Gridiron, Part One: Father, Son, and Game

07 Jul 2020

I tend to simplify things that don’t quite make sense. I doubt...

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Brent Suter family

Brewers Pitcher – Brent Suter: Baseball During Uncertainty

22 May 2020

“It’s hard to miss the time with the teammates and coaches...

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sports gambling Christian

A Christian Response to Sports Gambling

20 May 2020

What if you saw a local pastor out at a casino? What...

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The Race – Part Two

11 May 2020

Look at it this way: if running any race is easy for...

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The Race, Part One: Barriers

26 Apr 2020

As we go through life, we quickly become accustomed to barriers. One...

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A Letter to Seniors Losing Your Last Season to COVID-19

23 Apr 2020

For years, your focus was on the next rep, the next opponent,...

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