Sports Devotionals

Looking to start you season on the right foot? Searching for a way to coach your athletes in the faith?

Sportsfaith would like to provide you with devotionals that can help as you begin a new year, new season, or new chapter in your life!

The following attachments are devotionals created by Sportsfaith writer Shawn Leibegott to help coaches teach athletes not only about Christ but about important characteristics all athletes should develop.

For the next seven months Sportsfaith will be releasing a new devotional every month. Our hope is that over the next seven months we will be able to assist you in beginning a new prayer life, creating a Christian-based relationship with your athletes, or give you something to think about and meditate on every month.

After all of the devotionals have been posted, we will be leaving them up on this web page so you may access them in the future to use or share at your own pace.

Here’s to growing together as Christians, coaches, and athletes!

Week 1 – What is honor?

Week 2 – Honoring Team and Coaches

Week 3 – Honoring Opponents and Referees

Week 4 – Setting a Good Example by Being a Leader

Week 5 – Being a Servant