• Are we too sensitive about sexism in pro sports?

    First of all, was Cam Newton’s response to Jourdan Rodrigue, a reporter for the Charlotte Observer, sexist?

  • From Rock Bottom to Europe

    That day my entire life changed. I had been living basketball every day of my life up to that moment.

  • Taking a stance on taking a knee

    Last night the after effects from last Sundays NFL wide protest were in full effect across the nation on high school fields as young men were raising fists...

  • The Jersey

    When we wear a jersey for a team you are show you are passionate about that team, but it doesn’t make you an athlete.

  • NASCAR – Start your prayers!

    Time to put on the fire-resistant suit, helmet, and gloves; it's NASCAR season! Before the start of the race, they will have many rituals to perform, one...

  • Eric Swann – Realizing God’s Plan

    Eric’s spiritual growth matched his physical growth. God was always present in his life...