Athletes seem to be influenced by music, or the lack thereof

Michael Phelps puts his headphones on before every race. Do you think he would have swam well during the 2016 Summer Olympics if he had decided not to listen to music before he competed?

Music holds power- it can affect a person’s emotions, attitude, and their athletic performance.

Below is a playlist I have used for Cardio workouts as well as weight lifting. It contains some of your favorite Christian Artists. Listen to the songs and see which ones can help you work at your best potential!

SportsFaith Cardio/Weight Lifting Playlist

I Feel So Alive – Capital Kings
Into Your Arms – Capital Kings
Live For The Drop – Capital Kings
You’ll Never Be Alone – Capital Kings
Afterlight – Capital Kings
Upgraded – Capital Kings
Believer – Capital Kings
Northern Sky(feat. KB) -Capital Kings
This is Not A Test – Capital Kings
Alone(feat. Tru) – Hollyn
Love With Your Life – Hollyn
Different Drum – Blanca
Not Backing Down(feat. Tedashii) – Blanca
Be The Change – Britt Nicole
Heart of Stone -Britt Nicole
Ready or Not(Phenomenon Remix by Soul Glow Activatur) – Britt Nicole
Amazing Life(Capital Kings Remix) – Britt Nicole
Glow(JSapp Remix) – Britt Nicole
Holiday(MyKidBrother Remix) – Britt Nicole
Gold(Jason Nevins Rhythmic Remix) – Britt Nicole