Bracket Buster

SportsFaith is hosting a bracket buster to enjoy the skills God has given the collegiate basketball players and have some fun.

To sign up for the Bracket Buster visit:



March Madness Bracket Challenge Bracket Buster Official Rules and Prizes


Each participant can fill out ONE bracket.


Entry is free.


Bracket must be completed online at by 11AM Central Time Friday March 19th.


Email must be given to receive regular communication about tournament standings from Sportsfaith.


Points will be awarded for correct picks in each round.





Points will be awarded for each correct pick in each round.


Round of 64 = 1 points for each correct pick


Round of 32 = 2 points for each correct pick


Sweet Sixteen = 4 points for each correct pick


Elite Eight = 8 points for each correct pick


Final Four = 16 points for each correct pick


Championship = 32 points for correct pick


Winner will be determined by overall points (correct bracket point).


Having the correct overall pick, or most correct bracket selections, does not determine the winner.




Ties will be broken by the player who comes closest to the final score total in the Championship Game without going over.


If a tie still needs to be broken a coin flip will determine the winner.




Bracket standings will be available online through the portal that brackets were submitted on.

Round Values**
Rnd1: 1
Rnd2: 2
SW16: 4
E8: 8
FF: 16
CHMP: 32



1st Place $50 Festival Foods Gift Card

2nd place thru 5th place- Chick-Fil-A Sandwich coupon

Top 10 finishers receive a Sportsfaith T shirt




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