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New Super Cleanse for a New You!

So many people are wanting to do the latest cleanse...What are they trying to cleanse? Many want a "RESTART"
So many people are wanting to do the latest cleanse…What are they trying to cleanse? ¬†Many want a “RESTART” and feel that a 3 or 10 day cleanse will help them refocus on a new way of eating and living. And on day 2 they are the most horrible people to be around because they are depriving their body from what it needs!
Well, the only true way to cleanse is through Jesus Christ. He’s the super juice people are really thirsty for. And people won’t feel satisfied or cleansed until they are at that realization. Super juice, no. Super Jesus, yes.
I am not opposed to a reset of how be build a healthy relationship with food. But the reset has to come from within. Not the latest “super food” or what others call “clean eating”. Yes, treat your body right. But no food cleanse or super diet will clean you inside out. Only ONE WAY to do that.


Jorie Janzen, RD, IOC Dipl Sports Nutr, CCF

Nutrition for Health, Wellness & Sport Performance

204-232-2234 / joriejanzen@shaw.ca

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