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  • Graceless Crabs

    Years ago I discovered something about crabs. If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket...

  • Full court chickens

    Full Court Chickens

    It is March and that means Chicken Madness. I know, you thought that I was going to...


    Devon’s love for his daughter reminds us of someone else.

  • Cool Gel Pack On A Swollen H

    Fear the Rust!

    There are many different reasons athletes can lose their effectiveness ...

  • Football Helmet on Grass with Dollar `Symbol Clouds

    Keep that money in your pocket

    78% of NFL stars will file for bankruptcy within five years. How does your favorite sport rank...

  • Walk to the cross

    My Complaint Against God

    In my anger one day I took God to court and filed a complaint against Him. My...

  • Looking for Peace?

    Are you looking for peace? Sometimes we look for it in the wrong places! Dr. Brent Kelly...

  • sports administrator

    Failing Forward

    How does a person maximize his or her potential and keep from being a "might-have-been?

  • Kevin Ware 2013

    A Winning Play by Brent Kelly

    Many life lessons are learned in sports. One life lesson is that trials happen. How we respond...

  • Opponents or supporters

    Don’t Play By Yourself

    No one experiences success alone. This is true in sports and life. There are always people behind...